Technical Specialties

Technical Specialties

Our range of services includes Project Selection, Product Discovery, Process Development , Regulatory Registrations, IP evaluations, and Commercialization Support to diverse chemical industry.

Special areas of expertise are:

  • Fluorescent colors for leak detection, inks, plastics and coatings applications
  • Pigments and Pigment Dispersions for plastics, coatings and ink markets
  • New Dyes and Pigments for security applications
  • New Customized Dye and Pigment Chromophores for, inks, plastics and coatings applications
  • Customized fluorescent dye chromophores for biological applications
  • Fluorescent pigments with increased LF
  • Heat and migration resistant pigments for plastics
  • New oil soluble fluorescent dyes for leak detection
  • Pigment and dye evaluation procedures
  • Cost effective and Eco-friendly Formulations and Processes

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